Lucy from the air that have expensive diamonds, Lucy regarding the heavens that have expensive diamonds, Lucy about air which have diamonds, Ah

Lucy from the air that have expensive diamonds, Lucy regarding the heavens that have expensive diamonds, Lucy about air which have diamonds, Ah

Go after the woman right down to a bridge by the a fountain, In which rocking horse individuals eat marshmallow pies. Men smiles as you float through the herbs, One expand so extremely localhookup higher.

Papers cab show up on brand new coastline, Waiting to elevates out. Go on the straight back along with your lead about clouds, And you are clearly moved.

Photo yourself with the a train during the a station, That have plasticine porters having looking glass connections. Suddenly some body can there be in the turnstile, Their having kaleidoscope vision.


Do you think I will be rather Without the make-through to Do you think I am comedy Whenever i share with new punch line incorrect I’m sure you have made myself Therefore Sick help my personal walls come down, down


Before you could met I happened to be an effective destroy But anything was kinda heavy You introduced me to lives Today all March Youll getting my valentine, valentine

Lets wade all the way this evening No regrets, simply love We can dancing until i pass away You and We Well be younger forever

You create me Feel like I am lifestyle a teenage Fantasy The fresh method you change me personally to your We cannot bed Allows runaway And you can dont previously look back Try not to actually review

My personal center stops After you see me An individual touch Today baby In my opinion This can be actual Therefore take a spin And you may usually do not actually look back Never previously review

I drove to Cali And you can got intoxicated towards seashore Had a hotel and you may Built the floor off sheets I finally located your My personal missing secret part Im complete

Lets wade all the way this evening Zero regrets, only love We can dancing up until i pass away Both you and I Very well be more youthful permanently

You create myself Feel like I will be way of living a teenage Fantasy The newest means your change me personally towards the I cannot sleep Allows runaway And you can never actually review Dont actually review

My center ends up After you look at me personally One touch Today kids I think This is certainly actual Thus bring a spin And you may never actually look back Usually do not actually ever look back

You will be making myself Feel just like I am life a teenage Fantasy Brand new method you turn me personally towards I cant bed Lets runaway And you can try not to actually look back Do not ever look back

My personal cardio concludes Once you view me One touching Now baby I think This can be real So take a spin And you may cannot ever before look back Do not ever before review

[Usually.I.Am] Oh my Oh myy gosh Used to do it once again, therefore I am gone allow defeat miss Oh myy gosh

[Chorus] Infant i want to love your downnn There is unnecessary a way to love ya Infant I will split your downnn There is too many an approach to like ya I mean such as for instance, ooh myy gosh Im soo in love I discovered you finallyy, it generate me want to say Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, Ohh myy gosh

[Verse 1] I fell so in love with shawty when i seen the woman toward the latest dance floor She is actually dance naughty, pop music, pop, popping, losing, dropping lower Never has actually a female strike myself on the first vision This is a gift; this was identical to dynamite Honey got a booty instance pow, pow, pow Honey had certain breasts for example impress, oh impress Woman you understand I’m loving their, enjoying your personal style Consider, view, consider, consider, glance at, examining you away such, Ooh (oooh) she first got it allll Slutty regarding the girl visit brand new feet And i want it all, everything, it-all

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